Paper eclipse. #pinholeprojector  Hey Northumberland county! My prettiest little sister @joeyoneil is playing right now at the Churchkey Brew Pub in Campbellford. Join for some originals, some covers and a whole lot of fabulous local brews!  Spring after the rain.  What kind of art do I (want to) make? / A brainstorm on summer projects.  Sunday pinup! ⚓️ Been so swamped with school and work lately it's hard to find time to draw for the love of it. Here's a little something I've been sketching between all of it.
 Some concept art for the music video I'm currently working on for the fabulous @oridaganjazz. #StingoftheCactus #JazzVisualAlbum  How to make a puzzle: 1) Draw a picture - or 25! 2) Adopt a puppy (I chose @kodakthemalamute) 3) Leave picture, or sketchbook, outside on table. 4) Wait... (Photo taken after about 3 hours of taping and glueing. Takes dog ate my homework to the next level.)! Could not be more excited to announce the launch of the @CardboardRealityFarm (& Studio) website! It's been months in the making but Keith (@cardboardreality) and I could not be more pleased. Check out what we're up to on the farm, how to commission our animation and post production services, and buy our hand made pillows!  "I love spring anywhere but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden." Ruth Stout #permaculturehero  Such a treat to spend my 30th birthday in the country with these beauties. The original four, plus one very big dogski. Growing up isn't so bad when everyone looks great in vintage! Photo by the wonderful Keith @cardboardreality ❤
 Apologies for being MIA as of late. I've been a little distracted... 🦆 (Follow our adventures at @cardboardrealityfarm)  Oh yeah! And my adorable friends @midnightwalks & @po_karoo got married last night!!! Here are the puppet portraits I made of them. (Wishing you so many happy years my dear friends!) #claireandpo #puppetnerd  Had the loveliest weekend with these eight beauties in Montreal to celebrate @midnightwalks bachelorette. Aside from a couple of misplaced polaroids I didn't really take any photos - but here's a silly sketch of our group glamour shot! #ladiesnight #bachelorette  Put a bird on it!  "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. A.A. Milne
 There was nowhere they would rather be than in each other's company. (Excerpt from a little comic I made to celebrate @morgandumas' 30th birthday! Full comic on my website  Loved her then, love her now. High school memories with @thejeannebeker - who had many opinions but never told me what to wear, or how many hemp chokers was too many. Thank you for sticking by me through the bandana years, and for always filling our home with incredible art. ❤️  Hand colouring polaroids for a web project with this guy. #moviemakers  Photo by the incredible @robinlsharp  Late upload of this shot of my Donald Trump puppet installed in the OCAD U Graduate Gallery for our year end show. Very excited to be almost finished my short animation of him reading excerpts from Allen Ginsberg's 1956 poem America.