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Lessons (Project II Reflection)

Project / Phase II: Second Iteration (What Was Completed)

Over the course of the second phase of production I moved from the preliminary storyboards
into the very start of production work. This phase included a lot of digital editing, and a lot of
drawing, even more planning in some ways than drawing.
The completion of Project 2 included the following pre-production & production work:
– Scanning of all Storyboards
– Cutting storyboards into individual frames
– Development of Preliminary Animatic
– After effects demo camera moves for animatic
– Recording of Scratch Track for voice
– Preliminary ambient sound design
– Drawing of all layout frames for film (approx 50 unique drawings)

Reflection on Work to Date
While I did not get as far as I would have liked to, realistically I presented more work than I would have been able to if my final P2 presentation had not been delayed due to illness, and then a field trip.
I am pleased with the amount of work I was able to present, and with the feedback I received (generally encouraging), though do have some concerns moving forward considering how much work I have already shown, and upcoming deadlines for the next iteration of the project.
This will be the first animation I have completed where I first mapped out each shot completely before even beginning to animate. That is not to say that work will not continue to change and evolve – and maybe I will never work this way again, but it did seem to be a more measured way of controlling the whole film at once. Historically I have worked by doing layout drawings for one shot, and then animating it before moving onto the next. By working chronologically through the process I found that more than any film I have drawn before I was thinking holistically about the project – rather than scene-by-scene as they sit next to each other, or simply one scene at a time.


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Lessons (Project II Proposal)

We have arrived at P2 – the end of preproduction and the beginning of production!  I’m really excited to start moving on animating some of this work, and the first step will be to see how I can time it out, and what the arc of the story will look like when it moves from graphic or illustrative to a time based form.  My first steps will be to scan the completed storyboards, and to edit them into individual frames that will accompany a voice over recording in a movie timeline.  In a certain sense, I believe an animated film is made in the animatic.  Unlike more traditional moves of cinematic creation, animators do not often have the luxury of making their narrative in the editing room, as cutting painstakingly animated sequences, while sometimes necessary, is an expensive and potentially wasteful way of working.  Film and narrative is all about timing, so I will begin my second project’s course of study by finalizing the timing of the film before anything is animated.

During this time, I will also be reading over the generous list provided by Michelle with regards to storytelling, participatory design, reality and narrative.  I’m sure that these works will provide inspiration moving forward, especially as I hone the arc and timing of this (very) short film.


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