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Lessons (Project I Reflection)

Project / Phase I: First Iteration (What Was Completed)

Over the course of the past couple for weeks (both before and after presenting the in-process storyboards to my professors and classmates) I have been at work developing the concept art, initial script and storyboard for an animated short film, to be completed throughout this semester of interdisciplinary directed study.  The completion of Project 1 included the following pre-production work:

Concept Drawings
Colour Play & Character Design
Storyboard – Writing, Sketching
Ink Research & Making
Inking of Boards

Reflection on Work to Date


I am happy with the way the boards are looking – though I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps some of the images I am looking to animate are too literally illustrating the text.  This is something I will have to be aware of as I move into scanning the images and creating an animatic, as I find that the process of establishing timing of shots can sometimes reveal things that seem to work in a more graphic (storyboard/comic) form.

I do wonder if perhaps the plan I have for animation is not enough of a departure from my previous work – but on the other hand, I have only made one hand drawn film in a similar style – and never using materials I created myself.  I think I should keep in mind that I want this film to look fresh, and I should continue asking myself how am I challenging myself with technique (rather than just materials)?

Thematically there is that same old self-doubt – Is my story too personal, too cliché of a coming of age?  I wonder if the intended environmental commentary is visible through the nostalgic narrative – and where the line between subtlety and hitting an audience over the head falls.  Maybe this depends on the intended audience.


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